All about Certainteed Select Shingle Roofer

Both roofing contractors and home owners planning to install a roof must know everything about the roofing business and its services. So far you have gathered information on the advantages of the Better Business Bureau and the Master Elite Certificates. But they have to know what a Certainteed Select Shingle Roofer is.

A  Certainteed Select Shingle Roofer conducts a number of programs for roofing contractors who are enthusiastic to take their business to the next level. As a group, they are called the contractor’s EDGE. These programs are designed to promote the highest standards of excellence in the roofing industry.

A contractor must fulfill these standards to become a Certainteed Certified Select Shingle Roofer.

  1. Half of the company’s installers and all job supervisors hold current credentials as CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicators.
  2. There must be one employee who is a CertainTeed Quality Master.
  3. The company maintains an up-to-date workers’ compensation insurance (as required by law) and liability insurance covering roofing which is presently in force.
  4. The company has been successfully in business for a period at least five years or has been a Shingle Master Company for at least one year.

When the company fulfills all the program requirements, it is given the approval by Certainteed Corporation and its local Territory Manager.

Since the Select Shingle Roofer is actually the highest credential of Certainteed certification, a contractor must first earn the credentials of being a Quality Master; then the second step is to become, a Master Shingle Applicator and finally get a Select Shingle Roofer certification.

What are some advantages if you are a Select Shingle Roofer?

  • With your capability, you can deal with more knowledgeable installers and salespeople,
  • You have the exclusive ability to offer all three Sure Start PLUS warranty extension options which provide increasing levels of warranty protection above that of the standard warranty,
  • Your credibility as a contractor who is committed to the highest standards, and
  • Your reputation as a true roofing professional.

A company which has the Certainteed roofing credential represents the highest standards of excellence, quality and knowledge in the shingle roofing industry. Rigorous testing provided them extensive knowledge of shingle installation and quality. CertainTeed credential requires proof of workers’ compensation and liability insurance. And every time an installation is made in your home. It has extended warranty coverage.

There are several roofing companies worldwide which have fulfilled all these requirements. You will not have difficulty in identifying them. The good news is that one maybe located in your neighborhood. Satisfied customers have been recommending Arrowhead Roofing for its excellent service. Many successful and quality installations have been their handiwork. It is not a matter of chance that Arrowhead is way above the others as proven by certifications as BBB, Master Elite and Certainteed. For your roofing services, you can either call for appointment or view their website.

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